Tuesday, June 29, 2010

69' Motor Yacht G70 now available for Charter in the W. Mediterranean

2005 Built PRIMATIST By Bruno Abbate, The G70.

Magnificence and ergonomics. The futuristic lines can nonetheless accommodate details which are the outcome of the most sophisticated research into style. The G70' Pininfarina is the most important yacht ever created by the Primatist Shipyard. 21 meters of length and more than 5 meters of width certainly make a stunning first impression. Futuristic yet
well-proportioned lines, details born out of the most sophisticated research into style, building characteristics stemming
from Primatist's tradition. A combination which implies a mixed appeal for a boat which is destined to characterize a shipowner's life. The project was strongly supported by Bruno and Marco Abbate and was put into practice after
exhaustive technical research aimed at further refining the concept of the Aero Top Evolution. And as far as style is concerned, there is no-one better than Pininfarina for originality and elegance. The world leading design company has given its full support in perfect agreement with Primatist's construction principles. The final result is a yacht with a
strong image but gentle water lines. For the interiors rare bamboos and natural leather have been used. The environment is every enthusiast's dream: elegant wide living spaces. The four 875 hp Seatek engines allow the yacht to reach a top speed of 47 knots and a cruising speed of around 40. The G70 is one of the first four-engined yachts built for pleasure boating. This was an innovative choice aimed at reducing consumption (4 smaller engines use less fuel than two bigger ones), increasing safety and maneuverability, thus increasing gliding and sea-holding values. The G70 can also sail using only two or three out of the four engines with unimaginable performance. Altogether, this boat features so many other treats which are destined to capture the heart and the mind of dynamic shipowners with refined tastes.

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