Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Special Rates for January 2012 on board the Sailing Yacht 123Relax

Sailing Yacht 123 Relax January 2012 Special!

Offer 1
10% off for 2pax
20% off for 4pax
30% off for 6pax

Offer 2
For 2 weeks charters 50% off on the second week**
**Offer 1 and 2 cannot be combined.

123Relax is the freedom to explore and access at your own pace the wonders of the Caribbean Sea. Our luxury boat charters and tours are the obvious choice for discerning clients who enjoy the finer things in life, value privacy and liberty. Think of the yacht as a floating five star resort whose view changes each day. With the atmosphere of a bespoke inn, 123Relax is the ultimate in luxury, privacy and service.

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