Monday, November 17, 2014

Superyachts show off their best sides in drone movies

(CNN) -- "It takes a special person not to barf in the trash bag."

Welcome to the glamorous life of the sailing drone operator.

Justice L Bentz, 26, lives in Antigua and shoots video profiles of some of the world's most expensive private yachts.

Not a bad life. But it does come at the cost of wearing a black bag on your head. "Sometimes, I fly the drone with my head in a trash bag so I don't get salt spray from the sea on my equipment," Bentz explains.

"I'm inside the bag, looking at my monitor and basically playing a video game -- watching that screen and securing myself so I don't get thrown around. We go out in the craziest conditions, and the Caribbean winds are really strong."

If Bentz isn't the most appealing sight, out on deck in a black bag, his footage is a different story.
Drones have revolutionized what is possible with a camera, but rarely does the end product match this vista of superyachts and Caribbean seas.

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