Friday, May 15, 2015

Exclusive Charter Service One Way Availability

ECS One Way Availability:

5/15                Van Nuys to Teterboro                            Gulfstream GIV
5/15                Boston to New Orleans                           Challenger 300
5/15                Ft. Lauderdale to New Orleans               Premier 1
5/15-16           Indianapolis to New York                         Lear 35 
5/15-16           Naples to Teterboro                                 Hawker 1000
5/16                Minneapolis to Miami                               Challenger 300
5/16                Van Nuys to Vegas                                  Phenom 300
5/16-17           Mexico City to Teterboro                          Hawker 800XP
5/17                Clearwater, FL to Birmingham                 Piaggio Avanti II
5/17                Midland, TX to Dallas                              Gulfstream G200
5/17-18           Cleveland to Vero Beach                         Beechjet 400
5/17-18           Scottsdale to Vegas                                 Pilatus PC-12
5/17-20           Denver to West Palm Beach                    Lear 31
5/18                New York to St. Louis                               Citation CJ2
5/18                Carlsbad to Sugarland, TX                       Citation CJ2
5/19                Van Nuys to San Jose                               Lear 75
5/19-21           Miami to Van Nuys                                    Falcon 50
5/20-22           Washington DC to Corpus Christi             Falcon 20 
*Don't see the routing you need? Call or email me and I will search your specific routing as there are too many to possibly list here.

Monday, May 11, 2015

10% OFF any Sayang charter booked and ending by 31-JULY-2015

10% OFF any charter booked and ending by 31-JULY-2015.
6 night minimum applies.
May not be combined with any other special.

Sayang is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS sailing yacht. Built in 2005, she is air conditioned throughout and maintained in an immaculate condition for your maximum comfort and safety.

Sayang is operated by a skipper and a first mate/hostess. The crew is multilingual (English, French, German and Italian), has professional backgrounds ranging from marketing management to teaching music and has an ear for almost everything.

Whether it be sailing round the islands, laying back on your luxurious yacht soaking up the sun, snorkeling, diving or fine dining on board or in local restaurants, Sayang's crew will tailor an itinerary according to your wishes.

Length Guests Cabins Crew Queen
55.0 Ft6323

Summer Operations Winter Operations
Caribbean Virgin Islands Caribbean Virgin Islands

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Must move Empty Legs and One Way's

Must Move Empty Legs! 

5/6               Seattle to Hawaii                                Challenger 300
5/6               Chicago to Atlanta                              Citation XLS
5/6               Teterboro to Naples                            Beechjet 400
5/6               Teterboro to Santa Ana                      Challenger 601
5/6-7               Denver to Oakland                             Hawker 800XP
5/6-7               Teterboro to Dubai                              Gulfstream GIV
5/6-7               Houston to Teterboro                          Gulfstream 200
5/6-7               New York to Florida                            Hawker 800XP
5/6-8               Van Nuys to Teterboro                        Gulfstream GIV
5/6-8               Berlin to Mexico City                           Legacy 600

ECS One Way Availability:

5/6                  Charlottesville, VA to Florida                Citation V 
5/6                  Vegas to Van Nuys                              Gulfstream G200
5/6                  Charlotte to Teterboro                          Citation Sovereign
5/6-7               Grand Cayman to Ft. Lauderdale        Premier 1
5/6-8               San Francisco to Van Nuys                 Citation Excel
5/7                  New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale            Challenger 601 
5/7                  Oklahoma to Denver                            Hawker 400XP
5/7-8               Puerto Rico to Ft. Lauderdale              Lear 45XR
5/7-8               East to West                                         Citation X
5/9-11             Chicago to Tampa Bay                         Gulfstream GV            
5/9-13             Hawaii to Van Nuys                              Falcon 2000
5/10                Florida to New York                              Hawker 800
5/10                Turks & Caicos to Ft. Lauderdale         Phenom 300
5/12-13           Malaga, Spain to Toronto                     Challenger 850
5/12-13           Van Nuys to Miami                               Hawker 1000
5/13-14           Charleston to Ft. Lauderdale                Citation V
5/14                Kansas City to Santa Fe                       Citation V
5/18-20           Teterboro to Florida                               Lear 60
5/20-22           Europe to USA                                      Gulfstream GIV-SP
5/24-28           New York to Florida                               Falcon 50

*Don't see the routing you need? Call or email me and I will search your specific routing as there are too many to possibly list here.

Please contact Ricky for a great price on one of these must moves! 
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