Thursday, June 4, 2015

Upcoming Empty Legs

ECS Upcoming One Ways
Fort Lauderdale, FL to Washington, DC     Gulfstream GIII       June 4-5
Teterboro, NJ to Van Nuys, CA                 Gulfstream G-IV     June 5-7 & June 10-12
Van Nuys, CA to Teterboro, NJ                 Gulfstream G-IV     June 5-6
Van Nuys, CA to Las Vegas, NV               Gulfstream G-IVSP June 6-7
 Las Vegas, NV to West Palm, FL               Hawker 4000         June 6-9
Kahului (Maui Is) to Los Angeles/Florida    Gulfstream G-IV     June 9-12
 Teterboro, NJ to Fort Lauderdale, FL        Hawker 800XP      June 10-12
 Dallas, TX to Las Vegas                            Citation X               June 11-14
Van Nuys, CA to Teterboro, NJ               Gulfstream G-IV     June 17-22 & June 28-30
 West Palm, FL to Van Nuys, CA              Hawker 4000         June 27-July1

International One ways
 London to Van Nuys, CA                         Gulfstream G-IV     June 3-10 & June 16-20
 Lima, PE to FL/NJ                                   Gulfstream GIV       June 3-5
 Moscow to New York                             Gulfstream G550     June 5-7
 Lima, PE to London, GB                          Gulfstream G-IV     June 6
Teterboro, NJ to Biggin Hill, GB              Gulfstream G-IV     June 6-9
Biggin Hill, GB to Teterboro, NJ              Gulfstream G-IV     June 6-10 & June 21-25
San Jose, CR to Ft Lauderdale, FL, US   Gulfstream G-IV     June 9


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