Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Adventure Awaits You on board one of our Yachts

Private Yacht Charters
A luxury charter provides you with so much more than just any ordinary yacht trip. Chartering a luxury yacht from Exclusive opens up a world of opportunities, you can kick back and relax on your own floating resort or have some fun in the sun. Not only will you have a professionally staffed yacht, but  unlimited access to jet skis, scuba diving, fishing, slides and so much more! 
Adventure Awaits
Scuba Dive
Experience the underwater world and see what the coral reefs have to offer.
Deep Sea Fishing
Hook a fish that your friends would be jealous of.
Discover all that the islands have to offer, from waterfalls to local cuisines. 
Ready to Sail?
Exclusive Charter Service,
has been providing luxury yacht charters for over 40 years. We will find the perfect yacht charter for you. 
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Exclusive Yachts is known for providing the highest luxury to our clients and making their dreams a reality. 
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