Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Exclusive Empty Legs Inventory - Private Jet Charter

Below is a short list of the options we have, please let us know what you need and I will gladly get a quote to you right away.

Exclusive One- Ways:
TEB- PBIJan 18-21Piaggio Avanti II $9,000
IAD-TEBJan 19-21Hawker 800XP$7,000
IAD-PBIJan 19-21Hawker 800XP$11,500
TEB-IADJan 21-22Hawker 800XP$7,000
TEB-PBIJan 26-28Hawker 800XP$11,000
TEB-PBIFeb 1-4 Piaggio Avanti II$9,000
FXE-TEBFeb 7-10Hawker 850XP$11,000
TEBJan 18-21Piaggio Avanti IIInquire
TEBJan 19-21Hawker 800XPInquire
MBPVJan 23-24Hawker 800XPInquire
MDPPFeb 2-5Hawker 850XPInquire


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